Technical Support with YAHOO!
Is included with all websites built by Unlimited Web Design
Deposit of $150.00 to start your site
Balance due after your site is up and running and all changes/errors are made.
100% Satisfaction guaranteed
(once your website is up and running, we ask that all changes must be sent to us within 10 days and then
your site will be "finalized" within 2 weeks.

Once your site is completed you will have the options to
1. Take over your site (instructions/program will be sent to you)
2. I will hold your files and make updates for you for a minimal fee
( 1-2 updates within a 6 mo period is required)

Mail Payment to:
Lisa Douris
12 Hopkins Street
Litchfield, NH  03052

Balance is due before any files are transferred from my computer to your computer.
Only $250.00
Lisa -Douris-1