Our Specialty club wants to thank you so much for such a professional "club website". We had our monthly meeting last night and all the members had a
chance to see your work. Everyone loved it and I only have a few changes to make if that is ok?
We could not be happier with the outcome of the entire project. Our members did not think we could find an web designer who could build us such a
professional website and stay within our budget. You stayed within that budget and even put a few extras in at no cost. Thank you so much. We will be
sending you monthly updates (no we do not want to update our site, we leave to the professional web designers such as you)

   JANUARY 2020
Dear Lisa
Thank you so much for our new website. We could not be more pleased with you and the work you have done for us. Our Clients just love it too!  We will be
in touch for you to make a few updates for us in the next week or so. Again thank you.

Custom Pro                                                                                                           
You did such a wonderful job designing our Club website. I am so thankful that Doug ( Spring Cluster judge) recommended you to us. The members just love
it and I cannot wait to have you update it as we start our spring cluster shows.  Again, thank you for everything. You are the best!!

 October  2019
UNLIMITED WEB DESIGN AND LISA was a pleasure to work with. Her expertise in web design far exceeded our expectations. We will refer you to others.

Thank You
    October, 2019
THANK YOU LISA..... David and I could not be more pleased with your creative design for our website. We never expected to have such a beautiful website
not go broke during the process.
You made it fun and easy to work with, and we cannot wait to show all our friends and family our professional website. Please feel free to use our name and
website for any reference you may need.
Again, thank you so much and I will refer everyone I know to you.

Erica and Steve  Tanglewood PC                                                                             
 September 2019
Thank you Lisa

This is my second website with Lisa so that says it all related to what I think of what she can produce. She is a delight to work with and is extremely
responsive to questions and updates. I provide a fair amount of feedback and she makes the adjustments as requested. I highly recommend Lisa for your
next website

Cynthia Russell                                                                                                          
 August 2019
Thank you Lisa for all your hard work in designing our website. The colors and theme is beautiful. I am happy we went with the CUSTOM HOME PAGE The
dogs look great against the waterfall. I might have you keep our files to update our site, or my husband might give it a try since you said it was easy and fun.
I will let you know.

Thank you for your services
Cathy & Bill                                                                                                            
   July  2019
Dear Lisa
WE LOVE YOUR CLUB WEBSITE!  Our board members could not be more pleased with the work you have done. Thank you also for putting a RUSH in
getting it up so quickly too. Just in time for our Spring Field Trial. We would love for you to update it monthly for us if you can. Some of our club members will
be contacting you to build them a website also. Again, thank you so much and we will email you our changes soon.

June 2019
Dear Lisa
Thank you so much for building us a beautiful website. We cannot be more thrilled with your work. Can you please hold onto our files so you can make
updates when we need them?. Again, thank you so much for all that you do.

Karen and Bill                                                                                                          
 May 2019
Louise and I are thrilled with our new website. We cannot thank you enough for your patients and understanding. We had such a bad experience with our
last website and we could not be more happy with you and your work. If you are ever in Atlanta Georgie, you better stop by. We would love to have lunch
with you and meet you face to face.

Best regards Alice.                                                                                                
 April 2019
Dear Lisa
All I can say is THANK YOU ! We are so happy that you were referred to us by our local club. We have been looking for a web designer for over 6 months.
We just could not afford the quotes we were getting.
The $250.00 you quoted us truly "scared" us, because it seemed so cheap! We took that so called "leap of faith" and are so happy we did. We love our site
and could not be more thrilled with it. Again thank you very much for your patience and fast action with us. I will refer you to all our club members for sure.

Jeffrey Windsor Dobermans                                                                                    
   March 2019
I am busy doing what breeders do,. I didn't have time to learn how to make a website. Juggling a bunch of things at once. Lisa is a fantastic find. Even
though a long period passed between the time I sent a start up deposit,..Then pictures, then copy. She stayed in touch, checking up to monitoring my
progress. After trying couple of times to put a site together myself and not being satisfied with the results. Lisa was the solution. To putting together a
presentable product. I would highly recommend her to anyone finding themselves in the same position I was,.. She really was considerate.  
Making every attempt to make sure I was happy,and adjusting the details as required.

Thank you Lisa
Gregory @ Bengalore Bengals                                                                              
    February 2019
I am so happy with my New Website. It is so Beautiful. I get nothing but Wonderful comments on it. This was a leap of Faith. I was hoping  for this experience,
and I can't say enough nice things about Lisa and How easy it was to accomplish my dreams... She did everything I asked and more. She built my website in
less than 2 weeks and I am just over the top Happy as to everything about it. You can not ask for a better person to work with than Lisa.

Thank you so much Lisa,
Linda Hellinge
Shadowridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks                                  
                            January 2019
Dear Lisa

Remember me crying not selling the puppies in prior years, look at this year! We have "made" it---finally! Well, it's all because of you great talents! Let me
tell you how many clients tell me,just yesterday for example a couple drove up from San Francisco and said "once we saw your website that was it!   All the
testing you do  and we love how easy the site is to use" see--your a doll..!  and it goes on Most everyone I get to chat with in any length mentions the
website, "so much better than all the rest"---"easy to navigate to see all my litters etc....... Honestly, I cant sell puppies if they aren't out there properly! but I
think we work well together!  huggssss --your a jewel!!!!

Debbie @ Fernridge Labradoodles                                                                                 
   November 2018
Lisa was very professional to work with and the site she created for my kennel was outstanding.  
We have received a great deal of interest from viewers.  I highly recommend Unlimited Web Design.

Sincerely Zelda
Sandia Dobermans                                                                                                  
       September 2018